Quote of the day 11th February 2022

I am no fan of Sir Keir Starmer. I believe that many of his policies are absolutely wrong for Britain. 

But unlike his predecessor as Labour leader, Starmer does recognise some of the things which we used to be able to take for granted that all serious mainstream politicians understood -  like the fact that when our country or our peaceful neighbours are under threat from a murderous and aggressive external tyranny, all democrats should stand up together against that threat.

It has been said that politics stops at the water's edge. Just as responsible oppositions will back up their country's government at the time of an external threat, responsible government supporters will take a break from partisan point scoring and welcome such support. So, although I do not usually publish with approval quotes from Labour leaders, I will make an exception today for this quote from Sir Keir Starmer about the self-styled "Stop the War" coalition.


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