"My planned care"

Today health secretary Sajid Javid announced the launch of the new NHS ‘My Planned Care’ platform, providing patients with personalised care and support in the run up to elective surgeries and giving them clarity on waiting times for their provider as we tackle the Covid-19 backlog.

  • At the height of the pandemic the NHS rightly focused on treating Covid patients, but that has meant waiting lists for elective care have risen, and are going to keep rising. This problem must be addressed.
  • One third of on–the–day cancellations are a result of patients not being ready for treatment. That is why the NHS will provide patients with additional personalised support through the new ‘My Planned Care’ platform, helping them to manage their conditions and ensuring they are fighting fit for surgery.  
  • This new platform and the record funding being raised to tackle the backlog and invest in diagnosis and treatment will help us to ensure access to life changing care and support for people, no matter who they are or where they live.


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