Sunday, June 05, 2022

Jubilee Celebrations

My wife and I have continued to attend as many community celebrations for the Jubilee as we could over the weekend while catching up on national celebrations on the box.

Yesterday we went to the afternoon tea at St James's community centre in Whitehaven organised by the Mothers' Union and St James's Church, and this afternoon we attended the Street Party in St Bees.

Very warmest congratulations to all the people who worked so hard to put on both events. 

It has been a wonderful four days, and what has really stuck out is that these celebrations really have come from the bottom up with so many members of the community really working hard to put something special on both to commemorate Her Majesty's Jubilee and for the rest of the community.

This IS about the Queen but it is not JUST about the Queen. This has been the coming together of a nation, and an opportunity for people to celebrate our country and our communities. And to celebrate that we can meet together and enjoy one another's company after two very difficult years.

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