Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Award for President Zelenskyy

Yesterday the Prime Minister awarded President Zelenskyy the Sir Winston Churchill Leadership Award, recognising the President’s courage, defiance and dignity as we stand steadfast with the people of Ukraine. 

  • The Ukrainian people, led by President Zelenskyy, have moved the hearts of millions and stirred a global wave of solidarity in the face of Putin’s barbaric and illegal war. 
  • That is why we awarded President Zelenskyy with the Sir Winston Churchill Leadership Award via a virtual ceremony yesterday. The award signifies President Zelenskyy’s courage, defiance, and dignity – all Churchillian qualities – in the face of Putin’s aggression against Ukraine and the Ukrainian people.
  • The UK stands steadfast with the Ukrainian people, and we will continue to support Ukraine until she rises as a free sovereign and independent nation.

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