Monday, July 18, 2022

Consultation on recreational drug use launched

Today a consultation is being launched on tougher penalties for recreational drug users, tackling drug use which put lives at risk.

  • The government's view is that drugs are a scourge on our society putting lives at risk, fuelling serious and violent crime and encouraging the grotesque exploitation of young, vulnerable people.
  • That is why the government is consulting on tougher penalties for recreational drug users including a ‘three strikes’ policy to escalate action against drug users. The policy could see repeat offenders ordered to wear electronic tags, undergo random drug tests or receive nightclub bans.
  • Do you agree? Or do you strongly disagree? Or have you or anyone you know had your life affected by the impact of drugs in a way which might give you a relevant perspective on this difficult issue? If any of these things applies, please respond to the consultation.
  • Taking on so-called recreational drug use is an important step in the strategy to reduce demand, make our streets safer and tackle an industry that funds crime and exploits vulnerable people. 

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