Action to reduce disruption from roadworks

Sometimes disruption from roadworks is necessary. But we have all seen instances of poor co-ordination between different levels of government and utility companies which make it far more disruptive than it needs to be.

That's why the government has announced a crackdown on disruptive roadworks which could cut congestion for millions of drivers and generate up to £100 million extra to resurface roads, making it easier for people to get around.

  • As part of our plan for drivers, we have launched a crackdown on disruptive roadworks and a street works consultation on a series of measures to prevent utility companies from letting roadworks overrun and clogging up traffic as a result.  
  • While we are on the side of drivers, the Labour Government in Wales are refusing to build any new roads and the Labour Mayor of London has introduced his eye watering ULEZ scheme, punishing drivers for using their cars and making it harder for them to get around.


Anonymous said…
Council's already have all the powers they need to control it, they are as much the problem as the utilities.
Chris Whiteside said…
OK, I won't disagree with you that certain councils could do a better job with the powers they already have. But it's not actually an easy one to get right, and I welcome the fact that the government is trying to improve the process.
Anonymous said…
Read a few legal orders council's make, they are mind numbing
Chris Whiteside said…
Oh, I absolutely agree. And some of them take a ridiculously long time to sort out permissions for essential work, or don't make any effort to enforce reinstatement to an acceptable standard.

Doesn't mean that this measure wasn't worth adopting.

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