Rishi in Ukraine

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak visited Ukraine on Friday to announce the increase of military funding for Ukraine to £2.5 billion, reaffirming our unfaltering commitment to Ukraine who are still fighting to defend their country and the principles of freedom and democracy. 

  • The cost of Putin’s war in Ukraine is being felt across the world – from increased energy bills to food prices, so it is right we stand with our allies. The Prime Minister will travel to Kyiv today, where he will announce £2.5 billion of military aid in the next year, an increase of £200 million on previous years, including the largest ever commitment of cutting-edge drones, and a new security agreement. 
  • This will help to bolster Ukraine’s defences as they continue to fight to drive our Putin’s aggression and provide the assurances they needs for the long term. We will not falter from our commitment from Ukraine, in their darkest hour and in the better times to come.  


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