Toughening the ban on dangerous knives

Today, the government has been bringing in further legislation to parliament to strengthen laws aimed to ban dangerous zombie-style knives and machetes, taking these weapons off our streets as we stick to our plan to tackle crime and make our communities safer.

  • By sticking to our plan, knife crime has fallen by 26 per cent since 2019 and like for like crime has fallen by more than half since 2010, but there is more to do. Today we have taken action to ban zombie knives, and go further to get these dangerous weapons off our streets for good.
  • This means safer communities for all, whilst Labour cannot say what their plan on crime actually is – they just reheat a pledge using money they have already spent seven times because they do not have a plan. Where Labour is in power in London, Sadiq Khan has let knife crime surge because he does not have a plan.


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