Quote of the day 7th January 2023

 From Andrew Neil in the Mail on Sunday, dismissing Labour's "Green Investment Fund:"

In the same article, which you can read here, Andrew Neil also described the Labour leader's speech yesterday as 

"a speech of mind-numbing banality devoid of any tangible or bankable policy prescriptions."

adding that

"The more Labour talks about its policies, the less there is to see. 

Instead of an agenda, we are confronted with a policy desert — a wasteland of half-baked ideas which will crumble on their first exposure to reality (a carbon-free electricity grid by 2030); 

  • vague aspirations with which nobody could disagree but which do not constitute a programme for power (economic growth); 
  • nonsense buzzwords ('securonomics', 'miserabilist') which normal folk beyond the drawing rooms of Islington never use; 
  • and a path strewn with policies once proudly unveiled, only to be quietly discarded almost before the ink is dry."
and he concluded that if the present leader of the opposition becomes PM, 

"then he will take power with the unique distinction of an opposition leader who has broken more promises and executed more U-turns out of power than most governments manage in office."


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