Nihil Nisi Bonum

Nihil Nisi Bonum is latin for "Nothing but good" and short for the latin version of a proverb advising "Of the dead speak nothing but good."

There is a time and place for everything and having a go at a grieving widow (or widower) who has just lost his or her partner because of something that partner did a decade and a half a go is not it.

Fifteen years ago some of the most powerful people in and associated with the then government took time out from what they should have been doing, addressing Britain's problems, to plot to smear their opponents. I wrote about that here back in 2009 when it was a current issue. That was the time and place to address them.

A few days ago one of the people involved died after a long and tragic illness. Whatever he did all those year ago, he was also a husband and father. His grieving widow and children were not in any way responsible for his actions.

I was sorry to see that a certain individual chose to publicly mock the grieving family in a video posted on X (formerly twitter), and in the process make some claims which are not true. This would not have been the time or place for such comments even had they been completely correct.

You may notice that I have put no names in this post. The bereaved do not need any further attention drawing to what was said: the person who mocked them would probably enjoy being attacked by name, so I will not give her the oxygen of publicity.

Nihil Nisi Bonum.


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