The Offshore Petroleum Licensing Bill

Britain will still need oil and gas for decades to come even as we transition to clean energy.

That is why the Conservative government has taken the long-term decision to introduce new legislation to licence more drilling for petrol and gas in the North Sea. 

  • This legislation, the Offshore Petroleum Licensing Bill will ensure energy security, protect 200,000 jobs and bring in billions of pounds to the economy a year. If we stick to the plan, we will lower taxes and bring down bills.
  • Labour voted against the Offshore Petroleum Licensing Bill – failing to protect 200,000 jobs and billions of pounds of investment while the Conservatives are sticking to the plan to provide long-term energy security, protect jobs and bring down bills.
  • Labour's virtue-signalling, and that of the SNP, will not reduce carbon emissions. If they had defeated the bill it would impact on jobs in Britain, particularly in Scotland, but not on petroleum production - imported fuel would be used instead, with a higher carbon footprint. The parties which oppose the bill are putting politics before British jobs, with no benefit to the environment.


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