Quote of the day 26th January 2026

"This week, on Holocaust Memorial Day, we remember the six million Jews murdered by the Nazis simply because they were Jews, alongside millions of other victims. It is also a day when we recall more recent genocides in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur. The misappropriation of the word ‘genocide’ is an affront both to the victims and the survivors of these unspeakable crimes."

Chief Rabbi Sir Ephraim Mirvis argues against the over-use of the word "genocide" in an article, first published in the Daily Telegraph article which you can read at

This misappropriation of the word 'genocide' is a moral inversion, which undermines the memory of the worst crimes in human history. - Office of the Chief Rabbi

Some critics of the Chief Rabbi's article have read it as a defence of everything the IDF has done in Gaza or as accusing anyone who criticises Israel is an anti-semite. I don't read it that way, and if I did I would not have quoted from it. As Sir Ephraim Mirvis himself says in the article, "No decent person could be unmoved by the tragic suffering of innocent Palestinians. The ongoing debate about how this war can be prosecuted in a way which minimises that suffering is more than legitimate. It is vital." 


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