Power sharing to be restored in Northern Ireland

It is very good news indeed for everyone in the province that Northern Ireland will again have an elected devolved government.

I am delighted that that the Democratic Unionist Party has announced it is prepared to return to power sharing following a package of measures brought forward by the UK Government, expected to be published today (31st January), meaning the Northern Ireland Executive can return to working towards the brighter future the people of Northern Ireland deserve. 

  • After several months of constructive dialogue, it is very welcome news that the DUP are prepared to return to the Northern Ireland Assembly.
  • Upon the restoration of the Northern Ireland Executive there will be access to a financial package offered by this Conservative Government worth over £3 billion to assist with the stabilisation of NI’s finances.
  • Together these packages will assist with the swift restoration of power sharing in Northern Ireland and safeguarding Northern Ireland’s place in our Union.
  • The government will take the necessary steps to implement this binding agreement to see an executive restored and ensure that they can get back to delivering a brighter future for the people of Northern Ireland with a strengthened place in our Union.


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