Special Sunday "Name that object" quiz question

This photograph was taken with my mobile phone camera in Whitehaven today.

It is part of something very familiar but looking totally different to its' usual appearance

Would anyone like to guess what it is?

Answer published later today. (Evening UK time.)


Well, one sharp eyed reader managed to work out what it was, which I would not have.

Like Linda from Carlisle, I would probably have thought this was a fur rug, but it wasn't. Or I might have thought, like Jane from Lincoln, that it was a throw.

One of the three people I know called David Douglas asked on Facebook if it might be the "View from the top of the Wall over the Wildlings lands in Game of Thrones?"

Well, it was certainly taken in cold weather!

Jonathan was closer, suggesting it might be a build up of frost or snow, but Geraint nailed it, asking, 

"Ice on a car roof or windscreen?"

That's exactly what it was: the roof of my car looked like that this morning, with beautiful wavy patterns of ice crystals making the top of the car look furry.


Jim said…
At first I thought a field of grass, but now I'm thinking it's the sea. Probably wrong on both counts, but worth a guess.
Chris Whiteside said…
As per the postscript it was actually ice on the roof of my car, but the fascinating thing is that I can quite see how you could come up with either of those answers. That's why I thought it was interesting enough to post.

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