MoD Defence intelligence update 16th January 2024



Jim said…
Personally I think the answer here is clear. Ukraine have made significant changes to the big picture, they have caused significant damage to military installations in Crimea the moment they had access to longer range Army Tactical Missile System ATACMS.
Whilst Ukraine may come under scrutiny for "not making significant advances" in the eyes of some western politicians, its his people on the front line. Putin does not care about sending wave after wave after wave of poorly equiped soliders into the meat grinder, clearly Zelenskyy isnt willing to play that game just to gain some ground WW1 style. Yet at the same time we see Russia isnt taking ground either. I think that says more than a lot of people understand about the current situation.

The only option I can see is for full support in terms of supplies and materiel from the west to Ukraine, they will do the heavy lifting with it. Sadly we have this catch 22 situation whereby the politicians are saying we wont send you the resourses you need untill you start making advances, advances that can only be made with the very resourses the west are holding back.

Many people fear "escalation" if the west aids too much, but i think the alternative is worse. Basically if Ukraine are able to take back Crimea, and sever that bloody bridge, then Putins position becomes untenable, his days will end at the hands of Russians by a coup.

I think that full NATO support of Ukraine is the only sane way forward, Im not saying join the fight, only send resourses so a propperly equipped Ukraine can take back their own land and people. I also think its the best answer for the vast majority of the Russian population, most of whom dont want this war, and certainly have no appetite to be cannon fodder.
Chris Whiteside said…
If you are saying, Jim, as I think you are, that Ukraine is doing a lot better than some Western journalists and politicians give them credit for, then I agree with you.

Yes, I also agree that we have to give them as much support as we can afford short of Britain or NATO countries becoming directly involved in military action. The effect on the security of all nations if Putin were seen to win the war he has started would be devastating.

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