Thursday, March 31, 2016

A message from the Conservative party: Friday 6th May

An Appeal from Conservative Campaign Headquarters to Conservative supporters.

We need your help. And here’s why -

In just a few weeks’ time we face some tight elections right across the UK. In each of these elections the choice could not be clearer: a strong, Conservative team that will stand up for the people they represent or Jeremy Corbyn and his hand-picked candidates.
If we fail to take the fight to Corbyn’s Labour Party, the next four years could bring misery to families across Britain.
This is what Friday 6th May could look like:
  • Our councils and our local police forces led by a party whose leader wants to abolish our Armed Forces, abandon our nuclear deterrent and make excuses for the terrorists who seek to do us harm.
  • An opposition in Scotland that wants to put up income tax on hardworking families, would bring back secondary strike action and would print money to pay for public services.
  • Labour clinging on to power in Wales for another five years, meaning further cuts to the Welsh NHS, continued failures in the education system and an economy that is falling behind the rest of the UK.
  • Sadiq Khan as the Mayor of London. The same man who nominated Jeremy Corbyn for Labour leader and who said he would do it again.
Thank you for your support,
Conservative Campaign Headquarters
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