Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Feldman Review published

The Conservative Party review and initial proposals, known as the "Feldman Review" after the party chairman, has now been published. Below is Lord Feldman's letter to members about the review.

If you are a Conservative member in Cumbria and have not had an email or message telling you how to access this review, please contact me on chris4copeland@btinternet.com and I will get back to you and let you know how to do so.

Conservative Party Review

"Following a 10 month consultation across all sections of the Party and country, I’m pleased to be able to update you on the recommendations of the Conservative Party Review.

The Review Panel was composed of representatives from all areas of the Party: volunteers, councillors, MPs, MEPs and Peers. 25 Panel meetings for Party Members have taken place across the country, more than 60,000 people took part in an online survey, and thousands of submissions have been made to the Panel.

Members across the country have engaged with the consultation, united in our common desire to answer the question of how we succeed and grow in the twenty-first century. These recommendations came about because the Party had an honest, respectful and well-meaning debate amongst itself about the condition of our organisation and its future.

Tasked with looking at how the Party works and how to ensure it is in the best possible shape to win elections, whether local or nationwide, for years to come, the Panel identified three main areas where reform is needed: membership administration, Party structure and candidates.

We will continue to consult on the Panel’s recommendations over the coming months and I would welcome your feedback.

With best wishes,

Andrew Feldman

The Rt. Hon. the Lord Feldman of Elstree
Chairman of the Conservative Party"

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