Monday, March 21, 2016

Gove calls for Unity

Michael Gove has appealed for unity following the IDS resignation.

Describing both George Osborne and IDS as his friends, he write in the Telegraph that

"I'm convinced that this country has been changed - significantly - for the better in the last six years because the Conservative Party's been in office and two of the people who've made the biggest difference for good are two friends of mine who're both great Conservatives.

Iain Duncan Smith has been an inspirational social reformer. He's been guided throughout by a clear sense of noble moral purpose - he wants to liberate people from poverty by giving them the chance to work and contribute.

In opposition he ensured social justice became a guiding mission for our party. In Government he's pioneered complex and sometimes controversial reforms with skill and grace. He's won respect across the political spectrum. Few politicians are admired enthusiastically by both Nick Clegg and Norman Tebbit. Indeed I suspect Iain is the only one. He has earned the right to make his own decisions on matters of high principle."

"George Osborne is also a man I hugely admire. He is a brilliant Chancellor who has not just fought to repair the nation's finances after years of mismanagement, he's also a thoughtful and considerate social reformer.

George has worked to get more and more working people out of poverty by cutting taxes and introducing a national living wage. He's passionate about extending opportunity and has introduced a massive extension of pre-school education for the most disadvantaged children as well as financing the pupil premium for poorer students and investing in the growth of schemes like Teach First, aimed at getting the best teachers into the most challenging classrooms.

He cares about making our society fairer in a genuinely radical way - on issues such as extending access to housing and spreading prosperity fairly across the whole country, he’s been brave and right."

Of the EU referendum Gove wrote that:

"The country therefore has the chance to make this momentous decision - after a fair and open debate - because we have a majority Conservative Government.

And after this country has made its decision we'll need a strong, united and resolute Government not just to steer Britain through new times internationally, but also to continue with reforms to our economy, welfare and education which are vital to our future."

You can read his comments in full here.

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