Saturday, March 26, 2016

Endangered species?

Out shopping this morning in vile weather in a West Cumbrian shopping centre.

Saw bedraggled campaigners handing out opposing leaflets for and against British membership of the EU.

One group was from Leave.EU while a lady handing out BSE leaflets in the rain turned out to be a Liberal Democrat.

The latter group appear to be very much an endangered species in Copeland and Workington, but I didn't want to say that to her because, as whatever you think of their views, anyone who was willing to brave the rain today handing out leaflets in support of what they consider the right decision for Britain is too dedicated to deserve to be teased for it.


Jim said...

To be honest Chris they do, Its fair enough to brave that weather, that bit is commendable, but are they doing it for the right reasons? I bet my bottom dollar that neither of those two have actually sat down ***themselves*** done a little research and weighed up the argument.

Jim said...

I would probably have been more tempted to sing baaa baaa black sheep in the rain than take a leaflet from either. But at least i have good reason for wanting to do so.

Chris Whiteside said...

I suspect watching and listening to you singing "Baa baa black sheep" in the rain would have been far more interesting and entertaining than either side's leaflets ! :-)