Saturday, March 26, 2016

Clocks go forward tonight

Don't forget to put your clocks an hour forward this evening (26th March) if you are reading this in the UK.

Unless you are a Jeremy Corbyn supporter, who should be putting your clocks back to the 1970s, or a Nigel Farage supporter, in which case you can make that the 1950s.

And in the unlikely event that any supporters of DA'ESH (the self-styled "Islamic State") are reading this, set your clock back to about 60,000 BC because by your standards the average Cro-Magnon man was a dangerously progressive liberal.


Jim said...

I went to, but, with the exception of the carriage clock they had all done it themselves.

Chris Whiteside said...

The wonders of digital technology! Happy Easter, Jim.

Jim said...

Happy easter, Chris. :-)