Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Labour ignoring our veterans - is this turning into a pattern?

A few days ago former Army captain and now MP Johnny Mercer introduced a debate in the House of Commons about the long term care of veterans of our armed forced. He delivered a heartfelt speech about the inadequate care many soldiers receive when they return from the battlefield.

He told the House that Tony Blair had "no plan" for veterans' care when he took Britain into war in Iraq and Afghanistan, leading to a "complete vacuum of provision" which was only filled by ordinary members of the public, who stepped up to found charities such as Help for Heroes.

Every single one of the MPs who turned up to listen to the debate about caring for our veterans was a Conservative. Not a single Labour MP was present.

Tory MP and former Army colonel Tom Tugendhat, who was at the debate, said:

“Veterans care isn’t about party, it’s about caring for those who served.

“Sadly today no opposition MPs came to speak. It shouldn’t be just Conservatives fighting this corner.”

See report on the Express website here.

And then today, as per my previous post, the  Labour's Shadow Defence secretary replied "No, not really." when asked if she wants to reply to the concerns of a Falklands veteran.

If Labour keep this up it will look like they really do not care about the people in the armed services who have risked their lives for us.

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