Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Eyes have it

I have suffered from severe eyesight problems since I was six years old, which cost me my first choice of career and have affected my life in many other ways.

For centuries people have had this problem and there was nothing they could do about it. At the time I was a child and a teenager, that was still largely the case.

But it is no longer true, and I have decided to have corrective eye surgery in April.

I have had friends for whom laser eye surgery has been a life-transforming experience for the better: that is not quite the option recommended to me, and I do not wish to share the precise details here, but the operation I will be having has an equally good track record.

It is a fantastic example of how human life is getting better that the correction of problems which for so many generations ruined people's lives without any hope of a solution is now becoming routine.

In the meantime, please wish me luck in April.


Jim said...

I am sure it will go well for you, a few people I know whom have life long eyesight problems, had it done and swear by it.

We may change places here, I have always had perfect eyesight, In fact I often used to say "I don't know why anyone wears glasses, they just make everything go all blurry".

However, due to age, I am now long sighted (got my very first pair of glasses about 2 months ago, aged 40).

Chris Whiteside said...