Monday, March 14, 2016

Mike Jackson on how he decided which way to vote

Really interesting and thought-provoking article by General Sir Mike Jackson in the Mail today here.

He explains a number of reasons why he would like to be able to vote "Leave" - many of which will be shared by floaters like myself or reluctant Remainers - and then goes through the pro-remain arguments which for him outweigh the arguments to leave.

He concludes:

"My heart wants an end to our loss of sovereignty, to external courts overruling ours, to EU red tape and bureaucracy. But my head says strategic considerations must weigh significantly more heavily if we are to look with confidence to a secure future.
I would ask that this conclusion is not discarded as yet another example of so-called Project Fear, but rather accepted as a sober weighing of the long-term potential risks from leaving set against the irritations of staying.
It is therefore with a heavy heart, but I hope a clear head, that I will vote to remain."


Jim said...

Dear Mike,

Now that you have your clear head, and are arguing that we should remain in the EU due to single market access, can you please use your clear head to understand that the single market (EEA) and the political European Union are not the same thing, and you can be a member of the EEA without giving sovereignty to the EU.

Now its not an Ideal position to be in, I will grant you that, but off the bat we would have control of fishing and agriculture, we would be free of obscene ECJ judgements, and we would of course keep all of our current trading deals pretty much as they are. We would from there be able to add our weight to EFTA to push for a much better deal and would be in a stronger position to do so.

I am not going to fill you full of rubbish and start saying how we will be so much richer, as well that would be a down right lie, it wont happen instantly. but I will be honest and say perhaps you need to reflect on my first paragraph with your clear head, and it will help you a lot if you read this


Jim said...

More clearly, that is the damage that the current "leave" campaigns are doing. No exit plan, and rubbish about the none starter WTO option, will have that effect.

An exit plan people, we need a clear, realistic, EXIT PLAN.

with out it "leave" simply will not win.

Chris Whiteside said...

You've put your finger on the issue, Jim.