Thursday, March 17, 2016

A warning from the polls: keep the "Blue on Blue" rhetoric under control

For the second time this week an opinion poll has shown Jeremy Corbyn's Labour party doing better, with a 1% lead for them found by YouGov.

I am certainly not going to panic about this - Ed Miliband's Labour had a much bigger lead in the polls in 2011, the equivalent stage of the last parliament. And we all remember how accurate the polls taken in the run up to the last general election were (not!)

But there is a warning here.

If we overdo the "Blue on Blue" rhetoric on the EU debate, and start to see Conservatives slagging off fellow Conservatives because they are on different sides of the EU membership debate, we could create the one circumstance in which Jeremy Corbyn could become PM.

I can see advantages and disadvantages in the cases for and against Brexit. There are good Conservatives who I respect on both sides of the debate, and both have made good points about whether Britain's future would be more secure in or out of the European Union.

But I know what would be a far bigger threat to Britain's security than a vote to leave or stay in the EU, and it is an option which may well be on the ballot paper in 2020.

Far more dangerous to Britain than Brexit or the EU is the idea of electing a PM who wants to unilaterally scrap our nuclear deterrent with no attempt to get corresponding disarmament from anyone else, who hates NATO and is opposed to anything the West does, and would appoint a Chancellor who regards Marx, Lenin and Trotsky as his biggest influences.

So as I've said before, any Conservative tempted to make a public attack on a fellow Conservative should stop and remember those three little words:

Prime Minister Corbyn.


Jim said...

no post better than this for a quote of the month

I KEEP six honest serving-men
(They taught me all I knew);
Their names are What and Why and When
And How and Where and Who.

---Rudyard kipling---

They are the reason I was able to tell you exactly what brexit looks like, its exactly what a serving government and civil service will deduce as well. and to be honnest with you, if we dont leave the EU then I really dont care who the next pm is, it makes so little difference as to matter. Remaining in the EU is a far, far, far greater problem then pupppet PM Corbyn.

Jim said...

^ though should we Leave, PM corbyn then becomes a problem.