Sunday, March 20, 2016

The IDS legacy

I will not be writing very much more about Iain Duncan Smith's resignation after this. The Conservatives need to draw a line under it, get on with running the country and trying to take the right decisions, and no more attacks on the PM, Chancellor, IDS or any other "Blue on Blue" attacks.

Whatever I think of his resignation, and although being a mortal human being he inevitably got some things wrong, Fraser Nelson is right to draw attention to something to which IDS made a huge contribution - getting two and a half million people into work. And to be fair, both IDS's policies and those of George Osborne contributed significantly to this, even if it was mainly by removing barriers which would otherwise have prevented businesses from doing the real work of creating jobs.

Not many ministers of any party can boast that they left an achievement that size on leaving office.

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