Friday, July 08, 2016

Graham King RIP

I learned today that my good friend Graham King, who among many other things was managing director of King's accountancy services in St Albans, died last night after a battle with cancer. He would have been 69 next month.

I do now know how many people who read this blog will have known Graham Geoffrey King: he was an old boy of Berkhampstead School (and hence sometimes referred to as an "Old Berk," a joke which he took in good part), he played rugby for the Old Albanians, he had been a Director of St Albans Chamber of Commerce. He also supported many good causes.

Graham had a warm heart and a great sense of humour and was always fun to be with.

Just over a fortnight ago, at a gathering of friends at which Graham, had he been in good health, would have been present, a letter was read out from him explaining that his battle with cancer was not going well and that the best he could hope for was that the time left to him would be measured in weeks rather than months. (In the event he died exactly two weeks later.) In the circumstances I will make an exception to my usual rule against allowing swearing on this blog: the letter ended with the words "Make sure you give me a bloody good send-off."

I said at the time that I hope I am that brave when my time comes.

Rest in Peace.

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