Friday, July 08, 2016

Priri Patel MP on why she backs Theresa May

Employment Minister Priti Patel had an article in The Sun on why she is backing Teresa May for the Conservative leadership which you can also read on her official website here.

Here are some extracts:

"We in the Conservative Party now have a great responsibility to vote for the person who will take our country forward in the right direction for the future.
That means we have to think beyond the headlines and consider carefully which candidate is best placed to provide the strong proven, leadership Britain needs.
The next Prime Minister must be someone who is tried and tested, who has experience making tough decisions and can lead a united team.
They need to be able to steer this country through the current period of political and economic uncertainty to provide stability and negotiate the best possible terms as we leave the EU.
They must also have a bold, new and positive vision for our country that works not just for the privileged few but for every one of us."
"On all these measures Theresa May stands out by far as the best candidate to be our next Prime Minister.
Her record and commitment to our country and her loyal service to the Conservative party is impressive and unmatched.
As Home Secretary, she has worked across Government and with other countries on tackling some of the most important issues we face, including terrorism, immigration and balancing safety and civil liberties."
"One of Theresa’s great strengths is that she makes intelligent decisions and understands that flashy statements to grab the headlines do not always lead to good decision making."
"She has been on the frontbench for most of the last two decades, supporting all the leaders we have had while in Opposition in key frontbench roles, giving our Party a foundation to rebuild when she was Chairman and playing a leading role in getting us back into Government."

"Like me, Theresa’s involvement in the Conservative Party started at the grassroots. I have an enormous respect for her record. She has shown herself to be dedicated to our country and to our Party."
"Although we took a different position on the EU Referendum, when Theresa says we will be leaving the EU and the will of the people will be implemented she means it and I know she will deliver and get the best deal for Britain.
Under her leadership, the tribalism of the referendum campaign will also end because Theresa knows that by uniting together we can make our country fairer, greater and more prosperous. Theresa is bold, decisive and gets things done."
"She’s ready to be Prime Minister from day one and has the vision to make sure we live in a country that works for everyone.
Under Theresa’s leadership, we will put ourselves at the service of the public and strive to make Britain a country that works for everyone – regardless of who they are, and regardless of where they are from."

I think it is particularly important that the battles of the past few months are put behind us and we stop thinking in terms of Remain versus Leave. Hence it is a very positive sign that Theresa May is attracting support from both sides. Our next leader should not be the candidate of Remain of Leave  but the Prime Minister for everyone.

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Jim said...

I don't so much back Theresa May, as I don't back Andrea Leadsom (of course who I back or don't makes no difference as I am not a member, so cant vote)

You see Brexit is a very, very serious move, and its one we can not get wrong. Its quite a complex procedure really, so obviously it must follow that you would not want someone with a head full of Vote Leave nonsense to be in charge of the Brexit process.

You would certainly not want a person who thinks there is a fast track Brexit, one whom imagines all can be sorted out by next spring whilst assuming we can keep all our EU budget contributions from now on and hand it over to the NHS, without even asking what the NHS would spend it on.

Now personally I wouldn't have left Angela's 2 rabbits with a person like that whilst away on holiday for 2 weeks. So why on Earth would anyone decide such a person should be the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom?