Friday, July 01, 2016

Quote of the day 1st July 2016

“The sign outside says ‘Prostitution; the work of the Home Secretary’, which did somewhat concern me as to what you’re going to ask me.”

Giving evidence to the Home Affairs select committee, Theresa May demonstrates that she has a sense of humour, as reported here.)


Jim said...

I am now back in the UK, in not so sunny Workington, but from what I did see on Bulgarian telly yeah, Theresa May is my choice.

It was rather strange to watch parts of her speech, which was dubbed into Bulgarian and then re-translated using English Subtitles, but the jist of it was there.

This is her speech

and I must say, I pretty much agree with everything she said.

Jim said...

Got to say though, with the benfit of hindsight, so glad "though the fire and flames we carried on"

Jim said...

At long last we also have a UKIP and Cummings exit plan to keep us amused for 5 mins.

Chris Whiteside said...

Very interested to hear that, Jim. Must confess I was moving in the same direction on the basis that it's vital we have a PM who both the 52% who voted Leave and the 48% who voted Remain can respect, and I think she has the best chance of achieving that - as well as a proven record as being able to take the tough decisions when in office.

Jim said...

I see she is taking a sensible approach. I just have a feeling that a former "leave" will be too willing to deny the single market due to the none acceptance of "free movement of workers" so it really should be her.

Brexit should be done properly and safely. We need to ensure minimum disruption to our trade agreements as we move in that direction. Yes, sure, we voted differently, but I now am of the opinion that we all need to work together to make this transition work for the good of everyone.

Flexcit was written as guidance, and I know its now pretty much compulsory reading within the Civil Service at Whitehall, the "war" is over. we now need to unite and work towards the outcome we all want. A UK in its strongest possible position. I think Theresa is the right candidate to lead to this. She has already nailed her flag to the mast "brexit means brexit", "no new referendum/election/budget", and she is looking sensibly at the options.

I just cant escape the fact that some of the others would throw away the single market due to some misguided idea that ending the free movement of people would solve all immigration woe's, it wont.

Chris Whiteside said...

Christopher Booker makes some interesting points on this: see latest post.