Monday, May 08, 2017

Boris writes

Boris Johnson, Foreign Secretary, writes about the French and British elections 
Macron and Brexit


Yesterday a new French President claimed a strong negotiating position on Brexit as a result of his election win.

It is critical that we have someone of the calibre and strength of Theresa May with an equally strong position and an equally strong mandate to protect Britain in Brexit.

You can strengthen Theresa May’s hand by volunteering for our campaign today - and helping to secure the strong mandate she needs.

As our country prepares to enter talks with the Presidents, Prime Ministers and Chancellors of the European Union, now more than ever we need strong and stable leadership.             

Can you imagine handing the Brexit negotiations to a weak and nonsensical Jeremy Corbyn? It doesn’t bear thinking about.

I know who I want negotiating our future, Christopher - and we need your support to make sure it happens. 
So volunteer for our campaign today and together let’s give Theresa May the mandate she needs to deliver for Britain.

Thank you for your support,           


Boris Johnson 
Foreign Secretary

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Jim said...

Yes, I got it wrong, I feel complete now. I had a feeling that Marine Le pen may just get it. Thankfully I was wrong. not too bad though. Makes me feel complete inside knowing that.