Monday, May 08, 2017

Starting to get to work

Thanks to the support of the voters of St Bees, Moor Row, Bigrigg, Mirehouse West and the rest of the Egremont North and St Bees division - and I will never forget that I am there because and only because of the votes of the public - I was privileged today to attend the first meeting for the new council term of the Conservative Group on Cumbria County Council.

The Conservatives are now the largest group on the County Council having received 44% of the vote and 37 of the 84 seats.

We have some huge challenges but I am looking forward to getting to work on them.

I was first elected to the council of the City and District of St Albans in 1987 at the age of 26. Unsurprisingly I was the second youngest member of the council.

I was first elected to Copeland Borough Council in 2007 at the age of 46. Rather more worryingly, I was still one of the half-dozen youngest members of that council.

I was first elected to Cumbria County Council this year (2017) at the age of 56. I've not yet seen an age breakdown for the new council, but I know that the new Conservative intake covers a good range of ages including some very keen and hard-working older and younger members, some in their twenties and thirties, some older. It's a good thing for the councillors representing the people of a local authority area, people who will be of all ages and a range of backgrounds, to include talented people who are similarly diverse. I think we made good progress this year on a number of fronts including the election and re-election of some very talented and hard working people of a range of ages. Hopefully in the next set of elections - which in most of the county will come in 2019 - we can do even better.

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