Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Improving the A595

The Conservative candidates for Copeland (Trudy Harrison) and Barrow (Simon Fell) took transport Secretary Chris Grayling to Dove Form Farm today to show him how much work needs to be done to improve the A595.

This road, like much of our local infrastructure, has needed more investment for years as I predicted at the public inquiry in 2005 when the last Labour government foolishly de-trunked it.

During both the Copeland by-election and the recent County Council election I heard repeatedly from residents how much we need to improve this road, junctions such as the one at Moor Row, and other surrounding roads. (There are proposals at the planning stage to improve the Moor Row junction and I am committed to supporting a good and safe scheme for this dangerous junction.)

Now that we have a Conservative majority on the Copeland local committee of Cumbria County Council, and greatly increased Conservative representation on the County Council from Barrow, I hope to see Conservatives returned to parliament from both areas so we as county councillors can work with them and, electorate willing, a re-elected Conservative government to secure the investment this area so badly needs, including improvements to the A595.

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