Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The SNP manifesto fact-checked

Amazingly the most ridiculous manifesto put forward by a party represented in parliament in this election is not that of the Labour party, dire though their offering is.

No, it belongs to the SNP and is fact-checked by Channel 4 at

Large parts of the SNP  manifesto relate to matters determined by the Scottish parliament: the promises and claims concerned were relevant to the recent election for MSPs but have no relevance whatsoever to the Westminster MPs who are currently being elected.

"For instance, the SNP are promising “the continuation of free university education in Scotland”.
But it is constitutionally impossible for their MPs in Westminster to do this, because education is a devolved issue in Scotland."

The SNP's addiction to borrowing and to the "magic money tree" appear to be even worse than Labour's: for instance

"The SNP seems to be the only party openly flouting one of the “golden rules” of managing public finances: that governments should only borrow money to fund long term investment in the economy, rather than just plugging holes in tax revenues."

The SNP's rhetoric is against what they call "austerity" and pro spending on services like the NHS - yet in spite of the fact that the Barnett formula ensures Scotland gets financial support from the rest of the UK to match the levels of NHS and other spending in England, they SNP government in Scotland has not always done so.

"Healthcare spending in England increased by 9.2 per cent in real terms between 2011/12 and 2015/16, according to the Treasury. In Scotland, meanwhile, the SNP oversaw an increase of just 3.7 per cent in Scotland."

The SNP only care about breaking up the UK. You cannot trust them to be right-wing, you cannot trust them to be left-wing, you cannot trust them to manage Scotland's resources effectively. The only thing the SNP are good at is stirring up trouble.

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