Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Quote of the day 10th May 2017



Jim said...

Logic will achive even more.

Lets take the latest policy, free hospital parking, paid for by a tax on Private health insurance premiums.

I mean thats fantastic that. Now lets think it though, so we wack on a tax to private medical insurance premiums, meaning more people are more likely to say, sod it i will use the NHS, which I am paying for anyway for most things, so right away we increase NHS car parking space by introducing new patients. but that means there is more demand on parking spaces, and less people paying the tax to fund free parking, which means the NHS hospital loses out on the money raised from the car park, and has to rely on the tax which is falling.

Also we note that Tesco in whitehaven has free parking, but how many of the people parked there are actually in tesco? I used to use Morrisons car park when ever i was going to the doctors on Catherine street. sure if i needed one then i would buy my prescription from the pharmacy in morrisons, but you see the point. free parking attracts people, not always users of the hospital.

Why cant politicians see through what might sound good and think through their ideas first?

Chris Whiteside said...

That would indeed be a good idea.

I think that all those of us who have occasion to visit the hospital would love to see lower parking charges, or none, but you are absolutely right, Jim about what a nonsense it is to suggest paying for that by triple-charging private patients (who already pay twice.)