Monday, May 08, 2017

Quote of the day 8th May 2017


Jim said...

Interesting times.

The European union - the one issue that has split the conservative party so many times, Cost a good few leaders their poition as well. It alomst ripped the conservative party in half, on more than one occasion.

and all of a sudden, We have Brexit causing a united Conservative party, getting behind its leaders.

(of course a crippled opposition aided the conservatives in the Local Election, and will again in the GE i suspect)

though its just interesting at how now the desision to leave has been made, the leavers happy, the remainers accepting means the very issue that has been the conservative nemesis is acttually the one that has brought the party together again.

Jim said...

I also like the way Theresa May is trying to affirm - Its either me or Jezza negotiating brexit. Very clever.

Note its not a conservative vote - Its a "Vote for me and My team and I will sit at that negotiating table"

its very clever campaigning

Chris Whiteside said...

You're absolutely right.

Basically the Leave side of the Conservative party is happy because they're going to get at least most of what they want - I don't buy into the popular idea that Theresa May is aiming for a so-called "hard Brexit" but there is no doubt whatsoever that we are going to leave the EU - while the great majority of those who voted Remain have accepted the verdict of the electorate.

Meanwhile the Lib/Dems are positioning themselves as the voice of the 48% - quite possibly a position to recover from 9 MPs to something in the mid-twenties but certainly not a platform to win - and Labour is all over the shop.

The "Do you want me or Corbyn negotiating Brexit" is, as you say, clever politics but it's clever because it reflects the views of the electorate.

It's possible that this is even more true in West Cumbria than it is in the rest of the country but the one thing that Conservative activists (in public) and Labour ones (usually but not always in private) all agree on is that it is difficult to understate how utterly toxic Jeremy Corbyn is on the doorstep.