Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Quotes of the day 17th May 2017

Extracts from the "What he said and what he meant" article by John Rentoul in the Independent about Jeremy Corbyn's speech at the Labour party election manifesto launch.

"What he said: This manifesto is the first draft of a better future for the people of our country.
What he meant: Actually, it’s the second draft because the first one was leaked last week.

What he said: As this campaign has continued, opinion has started to move towards Labour. There is no great secret as to the reason. People want a country run for the many not the few.
What he meant: The many are voting Conservative, the few are voting Labour.

What he said: We in Labour recognise that solving these problems requires a thriving economy. One that gets our economy working again, and rises to the challenges of Brexit for jobs and investment.
What he meant: Can’t decide if Brexit is good or bad? You’ve come to the right party. 

What he said: All this is costed, as the documents accompanying our manifesto make clear.
What he meant: No idea. Ask John McDonnell. 

What he said: And in the longer term we look to a faster rate of growth, driven by increased private and public investment, to keep our accounts in shape.
What he meant: Just what Harold Wilson said. Didn’t happen, of course. 

What he said: This is a programme of hope.
What he meant: You’ve got to hope the magic faster rate of economic growth really would happen this time. 

What he said: I am very proud to present our manifesto, “For the many, not the few”. Thank you very much.
What he meant: It’s a phrase from Tony Blair’s new Clause IV, which I opposed at the time. But that was before he went mad and became a war criminal."

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