Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Communication problems - an apology

Can I apologise to anyone who has been having difficulty getting hold of me in the past few days, particularly by email or social media.

I have been having, and continue to have, some intermittent but serious communication problems - nothing to do with the hackers who attacked West Cumberland Hospital and many other institutions worldwide, I suspect this will turn out to be just wear and tear on a copper cable.

(And before any fan of mobile broadband asks me why I don't go over to a mobile supplier, the answer is that mobile signal reception in the vicinity of my home is rubbish.)

I'm posting this during one of the few periods in the past 36 hours when the broadband connection has stayed up long enough to permit me to do so.

We're due an engineering visit tomorrow, in the meantime please bear with me.

My telephone line is still working. My number is in the telephone directory because I want human beings to be able to get hold of me (unless you are from Carphone Warehouse, conducting Market Research, or calling about mis-sold PPI in which case please don't bother.)


Jim said...

I dont have a copper one, I have a nice fibre optic one, you can get it quite easy. I phoned this company called BT and asked for Infinity.

surprised you have not heard of them to be honest. :)

Chris Whiteside said...

I could spend a long time giving you the line on that one. There is a huge amount of money being spent rolling out fibre and I have no doubt that I will have a fibre connection before too much longer ...