Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Home Secretary writes

Home Secretary Amber Rudd writes about Labour's Manifesto:
Labour’s manifesto – all you need to know, Christopher:

Today Jeremy Corbyn confirmed what we already knew: his nonsensical ideas simply don’t add up and working families across the country would pay the price.

We’ve only got 23 days to stop Jeremy Corbyn from getting control of our economy and our Brexit negotiations – so please donate today.

After last week’s shambles, here’s what we now know about Corbyn’s ideas for our country:
  • His manifesto would mean more borrowing and more debt – and higher taxes for everyone
  • He claimed his manifesto was “fully costed” - but he made promise after promise, including plans to raise benefits and nationalise the water supply, without knowing how he’d pay for it
  • Ordinary working people would pay the price for his chaos
Just imagine if he was in charge of the Brexit negotiations - everyone’s economic security would be at risk.
We simply can’t let that happen.

Thank you for your support,
Amber Rudd 
Home Secretary

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