Monday, May 22, 2017

Quote of the day 22nd May 2017

"We've actually produced a grown-up manifesto."

(Kenneth Clark MP asked on radio about some of the less popular measures in the Conservative manifesto refers to the fact that it actually addresses some of the difficult decisions which will have to be taken, for example to fund adult social care.


Jim said...

Looking though the main party manifestos, i think they have been watching too many spagetti westerns.

the Lib dem one says "we need a fist full of dollars"

Laoburs says "we need a few dollars more"

Tories - some of it is good, lots is bad, and some is just plain ugly

Jim said...

and clamp down the internet, to ensure that people cant recive so called "fake news" very 1984

a bit like how you can use the internet in North Korea to find the true news that hamburger was invented by Kim Jong Il in 2009.

Jim said...

my snopsis is simply this:

the tories lost in 2005? I really never did figure that one, but you had to do more.

2010 - yours for the take man, against HSNBN, yet you failed again

2015 - yes, a small marjority because they wanted an EU referendum

now - well you know its a hobsons choise, and to be honest the conservative manifesto is a complete load of ****, its just luck the rest of them are worse. That is what mekes it dangerous.
Sad as it is, I decided on the day of the tory manifesto, I wont vote in this election, i choose to abstian.

Chris Whiteside said...

Your choice whether and how you vote, Jim. None of the political parties are perfect and I would imagine that anyone with a rational and thought through political philosophy would find things in all of them that they disagree with.

Nevertheless as a small-government Conservative who believes that government of all parties make mistakes and should be watched carefully, I look at the main parties and I see in the Conservatives a fallible group of human beings who are at least making a grown-up attempt to address the main issues facing Britain, who are nearer than any of the other parties to understanding that there is no magic money-tree and who realise that one of the worst ways to try to raise revenue in a country whose main economic problem is poor productivity is to hit investment by raising corporation tax.

When the alternatives are a "Liberal Democrat" party whose main policy appears to be an attempt to overturn the EU referendum which would more or less guarantee Britain is offered a dreadful deal by the EU, and a Labour party whose leadership has serious questions to answer on their attitude to national security, defence and associations with the likes of the IRA and Hamas, I believe I have no choice but to campaign for a Conservative win.