Monday, May 29, 2017

Quote of the day 29th May 2017

"Walking the streets of Manchester, I find tolerance rather than hatred"

(On learning of the terrorist attack) "Not Manchester, I think. Terrorist attacks happen everywhere else, but not here, not in my home city."

"I feel sad and angry. How could anyone target children?"

"I go out into Manchester city centre. Other than a few police officers in Market Street, which is where all the shops are, it seemed like any other day. Hundreds of people were in St Ann’s Square laying flowers in tribute to the victims."

"Where’s the hate, I wondered? The vast majority of people in times such as these come together and offer support. Do not believe the loud voices shouting about “Islamophobia” and the backlash against Muslims."

"British people, on the whole, are marvellous and tolerant ...  British Muslims are overwhelmingly fortunate to live here."

(Extracts from an excellent article in the Sunday Times by British Muslim Iram Ramzan, a Manchester-based journalist and founder of Sedaa, a website for writers of Muslim heritage.

You can read the article in full here.)

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