Friday, May 05, 2017

Quote of the day 5th May 2017

"Congrats to the hard left who spent the last year telling everyone who mildly disagreed with them that they were tories.

They believed you."

(Jack Monroe @MXJackMonroe on twitter in the early hours of this morning, after it was clear that this year's local election results were good for the Conservatives and bad for Labour.)


Jim said...

I still think Labour can win the general election and its very easy for them to do so.

Simply let Diane Abbot count the votes

Jim said...

Smeg, seems news thump were thinking along the same lines.

Chris Whiteside said...

But could Labour even trust her to make a mistake in the "right" direction for them?

Jim said...

no, but then again, due to mathematical laws (the real ones) can she possibly get it wrong in the "wrong" direction????