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We’ve got 40 days left. That’s it. Jeremy Corbyn isn’t running to lose – he genuinely believes he’ll be Prime Minister in just 40 days. So here’s how you can stop him…
The Conservative Party

Jeremy Corbyn thinks he’ll be Prime Minister in a few short weeks. You can help us stop him.

We’ve got 40 days to win this election. That’s it.

40 days to campaign across the country. 40 days to knock on doors and talk to voters. 40 days to print and deliver letters and leaflets.

40 days to stop Corbyn becoming Prime Minister.

It’s not going to be easy. The commentators will make a lot of noise. The polls will go up and down.

The only way we can win this election is with the vital support of our members and supporters.

Sharing our content on social media, delivering leaflets, knocking on doors, making calls to voters – this is how we will defeat Jeremy Corbyn.

Your support is essential so we can win this election and keep Jeremy Corbyn out of Downing Street. So stand with us. Become a member today.
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With your help we can run an energetic campaign that delivers a Conservative majority in Parliament – so we can break the deadlock, get Brexit done, and focus on the priorities we all share. More police. A better NHS. More funding for every school.

It all comes down to the next 40 days. Let’s make it happen.

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