Monday, April 25, 2022

Continuing the crackdown on modern slavery

During Theresa May's premiership Britain made huge strides in cracking down on modern slavery, but there is more to do and Conservatives are determined to finish the job. Today the UK government put new measures before Parliament to crack down on modern slavery, harnessing the biggest public procurer in the country to eradicate slavery and human trafficking.

  • The UK government is determined to eradicate slavery and human trafficking from global supply chains, including those of public bodies here in the UK.
  • That is why the government today tabled a landmark amendment to the Health and Care Bill – helping to ensure the NHS, which is the biggest public procurer in the country, is not buying or using goods or services produced by or involving any kind of slave labour.
  • This is a significant step forward in our mission to crack down on the evils of modern slavery wherever it is found – protecting victims and ensuring our procurement processes are a force for good around the world.

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