Sunday, April 24, 2022

Support for Ukraine continued

Yesterday, the Prime Minister spoke with President Zelenskyy, condemning Russia’s appalling attacks against civilian targets in the Donbas and confirming further defensive military aid.

  • The depravity of Russia’s continued assault against civilian targets in Ukraine is plain for all to see and Britain remains steadfast in our commitment to Ukraine’s fight for freedom. 
  • As I travel round Copeland I have seen a large number of households displaying Ukranian flags or messages of support for the bravery of the defenders of Ukraine, from Mirehouse to Moor Row and from Bigrigg to Bransty. It is clear that the struggle of the people of Ukraine to defend their homeland and freedom has struck a chord with many people up and down the UK.  
  • The Prime Minister spoke with President Zelenskyy again yesterday, confirming more defensive military support to counter Russia’s horrific attacks against innocent civilians in the Donbas, as well as confirming the reopening of the UK’s embassy in Kyiv next week, demonstrating our unwavering support with the Ukrainian people. 
  • The UK and our allies will not watch passively as Putin carries on this onslaught and will continue providing all necessary military and humanitarian support to help Ukraine defend itself. 

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