Friday, April 22, 2022

Tackling the backlog of court cases

This week it has been announced the Crown Court will work at full capacity as the government lifts the limit on the number of days it can sit for a second year, which should address and reduce the backlog of cases and help ensure victims get the justice they deserve. 

  • We are tackling the courts backlog caused by the covid-19 pandemic, investing in the criminal justice system and establishing Nightingale courtrooms to increase capacity in our courts.
  • The government has confirmed the lifting of the limit on the number of days the Crown Court can sit for an unlimited number of days in the new financial year, building on a raft of measures to cut backlogs in the courts, including increased spending on criminal legal aid by £135 million annually.
  • Getting the Covid Court Backlog down is a key priority for us as we work to ensure victims and their families get the swift access to justice that they deserve.

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