Thursday, April 07, 2022

Eight new nuclear power plants to form part of new energy security strategy

If there were any doubt that Britain needs a plan for reliable, secure and sustainable low-carbon energy the last few months should have provided it.

We can, should be and are investing in a substantial increase in renewable energy but we also need a secure, low carbon base load power supply which works when the sun isn't shining, the wind isn't blowing and the tides are at slack water (neither coming in nor going out.)

That's why I have argued for two decades that new nuclear build should be part of the mix and I am delighted by today's announcement that the government aim to deliver eight new plants by the end of the decade, as well as a new public body to strengthen UK energy resilience.

The government has announced  a major acceleration of homegrown power to secure energy independence – from nuclear to offshore wind.

  • Improving our domestic energy supplies is critical to boosting our energy security in light of the war in Ukraine while delivering cheaper energy to UK households.
  • The Energy Security Strategy announced today will accelerate new nuclear, renewables and support domestic oil and gas. It will develop our nuclear industry with an ambition of producing 24GW by 2050 and through the creation of a new body, Great British Nuclear, to drive our goal. The government will also increase targets for offshore wind and double Britain's Hydrogen target, seizing new green industries.
  • The strategy will reduce our dependence on foreign gas, create thousands of jobs and new industries so we can enjoy cleaner, cheaper British power for the British people.

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