Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Vnuk moter insurance law taken off the UK statute book to save motorists and families money

The EU has a set of motor insurance rules which can and does lead to significant increases in the insurance costs for motorists and families. Yesterday the UK parliament passed a law taking this off the statue book, which should have the effect of  scrapping an annual price hike for motorists, which will help millions of people deal with the cost of living crisis.

  • Now that Britain is no longer an EU member stage we do not have to adopt "one size fits all" EU rules if we don't think they make sense in this country or that they place unnecessary burdens on the British people.
  • So yesterday the government passed a Bill through Parliament removing the EU’s Vnuk motor insurance rules from British law, sparing British motorists a possible £50 annual insurance hike and meaning insurance will not be needed for vehicles driven on private land.
  • This common-sense approach will save drivers money and help with the cost of living.

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