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Full list of candidates standing for the new Cumberland Council

Here is a full list of candidates nominated for the new Cumberland authority which will be elected on 5th May 2022 and take over from the existing Allerdale, Carlisle and Copeland councils and from the County Council for the area covered by those districts on 1st April 2023.

Allerdale area


John Cook           (Conservative)

Lauren Exley        (Lib/Dem)

Alison Parker       (Green)

Kevin Thurlow     (Independent)

Bothel and Wharrels

Fran Eilbeck                (Independent)

Malcolm Grainger    (Conservative)

Jill Perry                      (Green)

Cockermouth North

Catherine Mabel Bell   (Conservative)

Fiona Elspeth Cumming Jayatilaka   (Lib/Dem)

Helen Tucker                                      (Labour)

Cockermouth South

Stephen Christopher Barnes  (Lib/Dem)

Keith Fitton                            (Green)

Michael Neville Pemberton  (Conservative)

Andrew Semple                       (Labour)

Dearham & Broughton

Nicky Cockburn                          (Independent)

Martin Trevor Mundahl Harris   (Labour)

Neil Richard Rumbold             (Conservative)


Herbert Briggs         (Independent)

Chris Clarkin         (Conservative)

Hilary Harrington     (Independent)

Denise Susan Rollo  (Labour)


Markus Dale Campbell-Savours (Labour)

Elaine Haraldsen                     (Conservative)

Clive Hutchby                           (Independent)

Maryport North

George Masterton Kemp   (Indepenent)

Carni McCarron-Holmes   (Labour)

Steve Newton                   (Conservative)

Maryport South

James Adrian Kirkbride (Independent)

Bill Pegram                    (Labour)

Antony Todd                (Conservative)

Moss Bay & Moorclose

Jacqueline Diane Kirkbride  (Conservative)

Neil Anthony Schofield            (Labour)

Stephen Stoddart                     (Independent)


Alistair John Grey  (Green)

Jimmy Grisdale      (Labour)

Paul Scott               (Independent)

Colin Sharpe         (Conservative)

David Surtees         (Reform UK)

Solway Coast

Tony Markley (Conservative)

Sharon Josephine Clair Watson (Green)

St John’s (Workington) & Great Clifton

Mark Anthony Fryer  (Labour)

Deb Garton   (Conservative)

Peter Gaston (Independent)

Fliss Watts (Green)

St Michael’s (Workington)

Margaret Bennett        (Lib/Dem)

Barbara Ann Cannon  (Labour)

John Connell             (Conservative)

Will Wilkinson            (Indepenent)


Jonathan Paul Graham (Independent)

Mike Johnson             (Conservative)

Shane Christopher McCarthy (Labour)

Roger Peck                              (Lib/Dem)

Dianne Estelle Standen            (Green)


Sandra Elaine Hodson   (Independent)

Elaine Lynch                  (Labour)

Alan Clifford Curnuck Pitcher (Conservative)

Carlisle area


Helen Davison             (Green)

Gareth Michael Ellis (Conservative)

David Graham            (Labour)

Alan Toole                  (Indepedent)

Belle Vue

James Robert Bainbridge (Conservative)

Abdul Harid                         (Labour)


Louise Atkinson           (Labour)

Robert William Betton (Independent)

Marilyn Louise Bowman (Conservative)

Robert John Scott Inglis (Green)


Tom Adams          (Green)

Mike Mitchelson (Conservative)

Iain Armstrong Owens (Labour)


Syed Fiftul Ali (Conservative)

Anne Glendinning (Labour)

Gavin Hawkton (Green)

Rob Heal (Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts)

Corby & Hayton

Timothy Robert Cheetham (Conservative)

Roger Dobson (Lib/Dem)

Raymond Tinnion (Independent)


Lisa Margaret Brown (Labour)

Brent Kennedy (Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts)

Fiona Jane Robson (Conservative)

Dalston & Burgh

Trevor Allison (Lib/Dem)

Alex Key          (Labour)

James Ernest White (Conservative)

Denton Holme

Grahame Higginson (Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts)

Stuart Kelly              (Lib/Dem)

Ann Vipond McKerrell (Conservative)

Christopher John Southward (Labour)

Harraby North

Robert Gordon Currie (Conservative)

Ernie Percival (Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts)

Cyril Frederick Weber (Labour)

Harraby South

Linda Margaret Mitchell (Conservative)

Lucy Patrick           (Labour)

Sean Clifford Reed (Independent)

Houghton & Irthington

Beth Furneaux                     (Labour)

John Mallinson                 (Conservative)

Paul Anthony Nettleton      (Lib/Dem)


Sam Bown (Conservative)

Timothy David Pickstone (Lib/Dem)


Donna Louise Bertoletti (Green)

Neville John Lishman (Conservative)

Anne Quilter                  (Labour)

Stanwix urban

Paul Atkinson (Labour)

Elizabeth Anne Mallinson (Conservative)

Paul Nedved (Independent)

Brian Kevin Wernham (Lib/Dem)


Leighton Llewellyn Rees (Conservative)

Chris Wills  (Labour)


Ruth E Alcroft      (Labour)

Julia Kim Dobson (Lib/Dem)

Geoff Mitchell (Conservative)


Stephen Haraldsen (Conservatives)

Jeanette Maria Whalen (Labour)

Copeland area


Sean Cullen              (Independent)

Joseph Ghayouba      (Labour)

Charles Edward Maudling (Conservative)

Ryan Gerard Redmond (Independent)

Cleator Moor East & Frizington

Linda Jones-Bulman       (Labour)

Christopher Paul Turner  (Conservative)

Aliscia Marie Ellie Wood  (Independent)

Cleator Moor West

Rhiannon Connors  (Independent)

Michael Christopher Eldon (Labour)

Ged McGrath (Conservative)


Shane Branthwaite  (Independent)

Jeffrey Hailes (Conservative)

Sam Pollen  (Labour)

Egremont North & St Bees

Reginald Graham Minshaw (Labour)

Louis Thomason (Independent)

Chris Whiteside (Conservative)


James Richard Dickaty (Labour)

Mike Minogue (Lib/Dem)

David Willis Moore (Conservative)

Hillcrest & Hensingham

Edwin Dinsdale (Independent)

Jeanette Forster (Labour)

Brian Hugh O’Kane (Conservative)


Martin Steven Barbour (Conservative)

William Robert Dixon (Heritage Party – Free Speech & Liberty)

Eren McGuire (Independint)

Gillian Ruth Troughton (Labour)

Kevin Young (Independent)

Kells & Sandwith

Tanisha Dobinson (Independent)

Arthur Lamb (Conservative)

Emma Louise Williamson (Labour)


Bob Kelly (Labour)

Doug Wilson (Conservative)

Millom Without

Jeff Amos (Lib/Dem)

Andy Pratt (Conservative)

Anne Mary Todd (Labour)


Gemma Dinsdale (Independent)

Oliver Joseph Dorgan (Conservative)

Mike Hawkins (Labour)

Tony Lowrey (Independent)

Wammo Walmsely (Independent)

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