Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Latest employment figures - Britain's future in Space

The latest figures show employment in the UK space sector has continued to grow, with 3,000 jobs created in the sector in 2020 despite Covid – getting more people into high-skill, high-wage future-proof jobs. 

  • The £16.5 billion space sector is a major contributor to a strong and secure UK economy and will generate thousands of new future proof high-skilled jobs across the country in the years to come.
  • Employment in the sector has continued to grow, with most recent figures showing 3,000 jobs were created in the sector in 2020, despite Covid. We are continuing to support the space sector with the largest ever increase to research and development spending, including increasing the UK Space Agency’s budget, and through delivering the UK’s first National Space Strategy – boosting public and private investment to £836 million.
  • From Spaceports in Cornwall and Scotland to satellite manufacturing in Glasgow, Warwick, and Stevenage, we are supporting new opportunities and jobs for the future across the UK.

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