Friday, April 29, 2022

Tackling terrorism

The UK government has set out plans to further prevent the evolving threat of terrorism as we make sure prisons play their crucial role in stopping those who want to kill and injure in the name of warped ideologies.

  • The threat from terrorism is evolving and several devastating terror attacks have taken place in the UK in recent years – therefore we must adapt our approach in response to Jonathan Hall QC’s report. 
  • That is why we will deliver new measures which will make the referral process for separation centres more robust supported by our new Bill of Rights, give prison governors more leeway to respond to terrorist risks, strengthen training for staff, and invest £1.2 million to target terrorists in prison who should be placed in centres.
  • Tackling radicalisation in prisons is a key priority in our efforts to prevent terrorism and these measures will help the prison service to tackle extremism keeping the British people safe.

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