Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Supporting Ukraine

Yesterday the Prime Minister spoke with US President Joe Biden about the situation in Ukraine, following the Prime Minister’s visit to Kyiv, agreeing to accelerate their military and economic support for Ukraine in the face of Russian aggression.

  • Following the Prime Minister’s visit to Kyiv, we remain humbled by President Zelenskyy’s strength and resolve as Ukraine prepares for a further Russian onslaught in the East of Ukraine.
  • The Prime Minister and President Biden agreed to continue bolstering military and economic support for Ukraine, including through our new package of anti-ship missiles and military vehicles, and working with our international allies to apply joint economic pressure on Putin and to end reliance on Russian oil and gas.
  • Britain is taking a leading role with our allies in supporting Ukraine to stand up to Putin’s illegal war of aggression. No dictator like Putin will ever be able to hold down the spirit of the Ukrainian people.

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